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Devonia Business Park Lot Grading


Sameng has been involved continuously in the design of an expanding industrial park near Lloydminster, AB for nearly ten years. The site is being developed from agricultural land to large industrial lots. Our work has covered two phases of development and we are currently working on the third phase. The design work includes site grading, drainage swales, and stormwater management facilities to manage the site runoff. For each phase, approval is required from Alberta Environment and Parks to construct a stormwater management facility, as well as to disturb existing wetlands. Drainage design in the Lloydminster area is particularly challenging as the area is very flat with numerous low, boggy areas. Developing lot grading to work with existing contours has produced some novel designs.

The above images show the completed stromwater management system designed for Phase 1 and 2 of the business park. Using ditchs, swales and lot grades we can channel all the stormwater in the area to the large pond were it can be released at a designed rate into other water courses. This also allows sediment in the water to settle while in the pond which reduces the strain on the system the stormwater will eventually be released to.

Specific project components included:

  • Detailed site survey to identify topographic and landscape features such as trees and wetlands;
  • Site grading design recommending proposed grades for the entirety of the multi-hectare site;
  • Stormwater management facility design to provide the required storage to ensure discharge was maintained within County standards;
  • Completion of all requirements for approval under the Water Act and County development requirements.

Sameng is currently working on the grading design for the Phase 3 area. Using the survey data to generate an accurate surface for the exciting contours we are able to generate a detailed lot grading and storm water management system to handle all the water on the site.

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