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About us

Sameng Inc. is an Edmonton-based consulting engineering company with 40 plus years of business experience (founded in 1979), and an established reputation in water resources engineering, municipal infrastructure engineering, land developmentresource development, and environmental services.

Sameng can complete projects which range in scope from the development of long-term strategies to the design and construction of individual system components. Sameng also has valuable expertise and experience with public consultations, stakeholder involvements, engineering workshops, surveying, and computer modeling. We have the resources to provide numerous on- and off-site services.

Sameng has long been a leader in the Alberta Capital Region having an excellent record of successful planning and design assignments of small and large scale projects. Sameng maintains a local focus and has successfully completed a broad range of projects for local municipalities, governments, private developers, industries and individuals. As Sameng is based out of Edmonton, the company has a strong vested interest in ensuring the vitality of the entire Capital Region. This provides additional incentive to develop high quality engineered solutions.

Sameng has a successful history of providing personalized and responsive services, holding paramount the quality of our services and our client’s best interest. This is a cornerstone of our success and our team will carry this forward into the future. Our vision is to grow with our clients’ needs and provide a balanced range of engineering and environmental services.

Sameng Inc. takes pride in being leaders in health and safety. We have a designated safety officer and monthly safety meetings to keep everyone apprised of safety issues. The means that we can provide professional services to our clients in a safe and efficient manner.

Our Team

Sameng has a dynamic team of engineers, scientists, technologists and surveyors with the knowledge, experience and expertise required to complete a wide variety of projects on schedule and within budget. Our staff is often asked to perform many duties on a given project, giving each employee a broad range of experience.

For multi-disciplinary projects, Sameng partners with a number of specialized consulting professional engineering firms to meet the project needs and provide the best services to the client. Our team has solidified healthy relationships with a number of specialized firms over the years.

Visions & Values


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