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Environmental Services

Sameng offers a range of environmental services from Municipal Land Development to Regulatory Approvals.

Municipal Land Development

  • Biophysical Assessment: an assessment of biological and physical elements of an ecosystem, including    geology, topography, hydrology and soils.
  • Wetland Assessments and Mitigation Planning: wetland delineation, classification and assessment of impacts due to development.
  • Phase I and II Ecological Network Reports: incorporating current ecological knowledge, urban design best management practices and identification of natural features within a proposed neighborhood. Environmental component of the Area Structure and Neighborhood Structure stages of planning.
  • North Saskatchewan River Valley and Ravine System Reporting (Bylaw 7188): environmental reviews for development within the North Saskatchewan River Valley and Ravine Area.  Initial Project Reviews, Environmental Screening Reports and Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • Site Specific Natural Area Management Plans: provides guidance to manage and protect natural feature that fit into the city-wide strategies which will provide the public with access to nature and recreational opportunities.

Regulatory Approvals

  • Municipal Authorizations: development permits and zoning applications.
  • Temporary Field Authorizations: authorization to conduct temporary works on Crown Land (Public Lands Act).
  • Department License of Occupation and License of Occupation: authorization for occupation on Crown land under Alberta Environment and Parks and the Alberta Energy Regulator.
  • Water Act Authorization: water licensing, wetland compensation, water management, bank stabilization, etc.
  • Codes of Practice: notification for Watercourse Crossings and Outfall Structures on Waterbodies; registration for pits, for sand and gravel operation on private land.
  • Surface Material Leases and Licenses: for gravel and sand operations on Crown Land.
  • Fisheries Act Authorization: request for review and fish habitat compensation plans.
  • Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act: licenses to operate.
  • First Nation Consultation: consultation in support of Public Lands Act and Water Act authorizations.
  • Environmental Assessments: studies that support regulatory applications.

Sameng is committed to providing innovative, socially and environmentally responsible services to their clients. Our strengths include sustainable land use planning, interactions with stakeholders and the attainment of regulatory compliance for a variety of different land uses. Sameng has a number of environmental professionals with local experience who are dedicated to providing detail oriented solutions in a timely manner.

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