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Joburg Gravel Operation


Joburg Aggregates acquired significant gravel resource in the greater Edmonton region. Sameng has been retained to assist Joburg in the preparation of sustainable resource development plans and, final land use (or reclamation) plans for the land. One project location is near the Hamlet of Josephburg and encompass 5.5 quarter-sections of land. The following highlights the key work activities completed:

  • Hydrological assessment of the lands and developed surface water management schemes for the gravel extraction operation as well as post project surface drainage schemes. This includes management of surface water from a quantity and quality perspectives.
  • A comprehensive top soil, subsoil, overburden and gravel resource inventory was completed for all lands. A materials handling process has been developed to preserve the various classes of soil for land reclamation purposes. This includes preservation of Class A topsoil for agricultural production, wetland soils for seeding of constructed wetland compensation areas, site operation designs to minimize erosion and sedimentation.
  • A comprehensive wetland assessment was completed with Spencer Environmental to inventory the existing wetlands. Working with Strathcona County, Sameng developed an end land use plan for the lands that incorporated permanent water bodies with constructed wetland features to enhance the habitat value of the area.
  • Working with HCL Consultants, a comprehensive groundwater assessment of the area was completed. Sameng developed groundwater recharge schemes to maintain zero impact of the gravel operation on the surrounding area.
  • Traffic impact assessment of the project and roadway improvements plans.

The project is currently under regulatory approvals review. Public consultation and further development plan refinement is anticipated.

Year Completed