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Kanata Gravel Operation


Kanata Métis Cultural Enterprises Ltd. (Kanata) wants to develop a gravel extraction operation within the W½ 20-51-25-W4M, within the City of Edmonton, along the west side of the North Saskatchewan River. The project is intended to provide employment and economic development opportunities for the Métis Nation. Upon completion of the gravel extraction, the area will be reclaimed and developed into a natural area and park, which will allow the Métis people to re-establish and maintain their historical connection to the North Saskatchewan River.  The extraction area falls under the City of Edmonton Bylaw 7188 – River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan, as well as the Edmonton/Devon Restricted Development Area (EDRDA).

Sameng Inc. was retained by Kanata to provide the necessary project development and reclamation information to obtain all the necessary approvals and to register the resource extraction project with Alberta Environment, under the Code of Practice for Pits.  Information provided included:

  • The volume of gravel product, and the volumes of topsoil and overburden available for reclamation;
  • Mining techniques, sequencing and timing, which minimize environmental impacts;
  • Potential truck haul routes;
  • A plan for the progressive reclamation of the extraction site, including two permanent water bodies, while maintaining existing groundwater resources and natural drainage patterns, as much as possible; and
  • Flood risk mapping for pre- and post-development conditions to ensure no increase in flood risk to contiguous lands.

As part of a multi-disciplinary team, Sameng Inc. assisted in completing an Environmental Impact Assessment for the project and collaborated in a stakeholder consultation process, which included a Technical meeting with Regulatory Agencies, an Open House for the public and presentations to Edmonton City Council and Administration.