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Maykut Gravel Extraction


Mr. Maykut has been operating a small gravel extraction operation near the southeast corner of his property since the early 1960’s. The Maykut pit is located approximately 120 km northwest of the City of Edmonton and 35 km north of the Town of Barrhead.  Upon inspection by Alberta Environment in November 2011, Mr. Maykut was ordered to cease all pit activities until approved by Alberta Environment under the Code of Practice for Pits for a Class I pit operation.

Sameng was retained to prepare an application to obtain an approval from Alberta Environment as well as a development permit from Barrhead County and any other Municipal, provincial or federal authorization that may be required for the gravel extraction activities within the NE03-63-04-W5M.

Based on discussions with Mr. Maykut, he has been operating the small gravel extraction operation without a development permit from Barrhead County.  The past and present gravel extraction activities have involved; stripping and stockpiling of a thin layer of sandy topsoil, sandy overburden, tree clearing, screening and crushing of gravel, and dewatering and hauling gravel products to local projects. It is anticipated that Mr. Maykut will require a development permit and possibly a road use agreement from Barrhead County before continuing with the gravel extraction operation.

Sameng created a reclamation plan for Mr. Maykut’s gravel pit. This reclamation plan includes an end pit lake approximately 1.967 ha in size which will be used for agricultural purposes. As well, in order to re-establish the thin topsoil horizon, a thin layer of manure will be spread over the site, and then followed by re-vegetation using a native pasture seed mix.