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NWRP On-Site Municipal Facilities


North West Redwater Partnership (NWR) is currently in the design and construction phase of a bitumen refinery located in the Sturgeon County’s portion of the Industrial Heartland. The Sturgeon Refinery is planned to be constructed in three stages over an approximate 10 year time-frame starting in 2013. During the construction period, the work force i s expected to peak at 3000 people.

Sameng was first commissioned by NWR (in 2011) to develop and provide a feasible alternative to discharge the refinery’s treated process water and domestic wastewater off-site both during construction and the long-term operational period. Since the initial assignment, Sameng’s work scope was expanded to include potable water servicing as well as detailed engineering design and construction period services. The following highlights the major work components.

Servicing Plans and Regulatory Approvals

As part of the discharge assessment study, Sameng determined the physical and hydraulic characteristics of the existing wastewater sewer system, projected effluent and domestic wastewater discharge flows at the various construction phases, and developed an effluent connection concept plan. The recommended plan is to construct a wastewater lift station and forcemain system which will pump the effluent into the existing Heartland Wastewater Pipeline system. This system is a part of the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission’s system. Subsequent to developing the effluent discharge scheme, Sameng prepared the necessary documents and obtained regulatory approval from Sturgeon County and the Commission.

On-Site Municipal Facilities Design and Construction

As part of the potable water supply assessment, Sameng determined the physical and hydraulic characteristics of the existing water distribution system, water demands at the various construction phases, and developed servicing alternatives. Various water storage options were evaluated for cost-effectiveness on a long-term basis. The recommended alternative was the construction of an underground reservoir sized to supply water for both the full-time employees and construction workers. The reservoir will be supplied by connecting with the existing Redwater Waterline. Sameng developed the connection plan as well as the demand management protocols and obtained approval from Sturgeon County and the Capital Region Northwest Water Commission.

Sameng completed the detailed design, specifications and tender documents for the potable water reservoir and pump station, the sewage lift station and all associated metering and sample facilities. Both are cast-in-place concrete structures with the sewage facility reaching approximately 10 meters in depth. The sewage lift station would operate with variable frequency drives energizing submersible pumps.

The project is currently in the construction phase, with an anticipated completion date of October 2015. Sameng is providing on-site engineering services during construction.The potable water reservoir would have a live storage capacity of approximately 1600 cubic meters with an integrated wet well. Four vertical turbine pumps will pressurize the distribution system and would accommodate the wide range of water demands anticipated over the next 10 year period when the plan area undergoes construction and commissioning of various phases of development.

Effluent Forcemain Design and Construction

Concurrent with the design of the on-site municipal facilities, Sameng completed the detailed design, specifications and tender documents for the effluent pipeline which connects with the existing 500 mm diameter Heartland Wastewater Pipeline some 4 km downstream. Sameng worked with the EPC firms who designed NWR’s numerous product lines to ensure adequate space allocation for the effluent pipeline, design and construction sequence compatibility where the pipelines needed to co-exist within narrow right of ways. Sameng also provided pipe material recommendations for the pipeline taking into consideration cost, temperature profiles of the effluent, operating pressures, etc. The design of the pipeline also required pump station operations coordination with Evonik Canada and Agrium Redwater. Sameng provided the technical coordination with these key customers.

Construction will be concurrent with the construction of the on-site facilities.

Redwater Waterline Contingency Plan and Bypass Design and Construction

NWR commissioned Sameng to evaluate the risk of pipeline breakage of the existing Redwater Waterline during construction, as it will experience additional loading as a result of heavy equipment traffic in this area. A contingency plan to construct a temporary bypass of a critical section of the waterline prior to the planed heavy loads was recommended. Our team presented this plan to the regulatory bodies including Sturgeon County, Alberta Transportation, the Capital Region Northwest Water Commission and obtained consensus and approval for the project. Sameng subsequently provided detailed design, contractor procurement and construction period engineering services. This bypass pipeline, which required extensive logistics planning for the pit excavation adjacent to Highway 643, the hot-tabs, utility relocates, etc. was completed on-schedule without any unforeseen incident.

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