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SIP Utility Installation and Roadwork


Sameng was mandated by Sturgeon County in 2012 to prepare detailed design drawings, tender and specification documents, and provide construction and post-construction services for the following:The Sturgeon Industrial Park (SIP) is a mature industrial subdivision established in the late 1970’s. It is located near the southern boundary of Sturgeon County’s portion of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. Development pressures in the SIP requires that improvements along Township Road 552 be implemented.

  • 400mm to 600mm diameter – 1,700 m long watermain along Township Road 552 from a proposed water reservoir crossing Highway 825 (trenchless) and a CN railroad (trenchless), including industrial service connection, valves, fire hydrants and allowance for future expansions.
  • 300mm diameter – 1,100 m long sanitary sewer along Township Road 552 crossing a CN railroad (trenchless) and connection to an existing sanitary manhole, including industrial service connections and manholes.
  • Township Road 552 roadworks (10.8m wide surface) from Range Road 225 to Highway 825 for a distance of 1,600 m with new intersection at Range Road 225, CN railroad crossing, new access roads including culvert and removal of existing access roads and culverts. The project also includes the construction of a 100 m long road connecting Township Road 552 to the existing industrial subdivision.
  • Major drainage ditch (2m deep with 3:1 side slopes) constructed along the north of Township Road 552 that will serve as the main conveyance channel for most of the Sturgeon Industrial Park. This includes the construction of large diameter culvert crossings (1050mm Ø) at both the CN railroad (trenchless) and across Township Road 552. A smaller drainage ditch to the south of the road was also designed.

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