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Sturgeon Industrial Park Township Road 552 Pumpstation & Reservoir

The Sturgeon Industrial Park (SIP) is serviced by a water reservoir and pump station which is nearing its servicing limits. Development pressures in the SIP requires that the existing water reservoir and pump station be upgraded.

Following a water servicing plan that provided a short- and long-term servicing and reservoir expansion and pump station improvement concept for the Sturgeon Industrial Park (developed by Sameng), Sameng was mandated by Sturgeon County in 2012 to prepare detailed design drawings, tender and specification documents, and provide construction and post-construction services for the following:

  • Proposed reservoir expansion with additional 3,900 m3 of storage volume (the existing reservoir has 1,300 m3 capacity). The cast-in-place concrete rectangular reservoir was proposed to be 4.6 m in depth. The reservoir design also included a proposed 450 mm diameter diffuser pipes in the existing reservoir and in the reservoir expansion.
  • Pump station improvements including modifications to the inlet line assembly, replacement of the existing 300mm distribution header to 450mm, replacement of the 300mm distribution line by a 450mm line, the addition of a second diesel fire pump, the replacement of the diesel tank by double-confined tanks, the addition of a truck fill line and re-installation of the existing truck fill line, the addition of a new duty pump assembly and replacement of the existing two pumps (bringing the total to three pumps), new electrical control panels, controls modifications and other improvements. Most pump station improvements were designed for the ultimate servicing of the Sturgeon Industrial Park while allowing flexibility in future staging.
  • Creation of a diversion plan to allow potable water from the adjacent CRNWSC water reservoir to bypass from flowing into the SIP reservoir and flow directly into the SIP water distribution system. This included the construction of a valve chamber including a pressure reducer and backflow valves just outside the building. This allowed for the SIP reservoir and pump station improvements to be conducted without interrupting servicing to the existing industrial developments. Sameng obtained approval of this plan by the CRNWSC.
  • Roadworks and landscaping around the facility including fences, silt fences, identification of temporary stockpile location and overflow ditches.
  • Our Sub-Consultants: The structural design of the pump station and reservoir was conducted by Chernenko Engineering, the electrical and controls by Magna IV Engineering and the geotechnical investigations by Machibroda Engineering.

The water reservoir bypass project was constructed in 2013, the reservoir was expanded in 2013-2014 and the pump station improvements were constructed in 2013-2014.