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Vision & Values


Sameng has a successful history of providing personalized and responsive service. This is a cornerstone of our success and our team will carry this forward into the future. Our vision is to grow with our clients’ needs and provide a balanced range of engineering and environmental services. We will achieve this by focusing our efforts on sustainable corporate growth and employee development.


Sameng has five core values which guide us:

  • People

Sameng understands that our people are our greatest resource. We have a dynamic team of engineers and technologists with experience in a broad range of project types. We value each other’s contributions and we value the relationships with our clients

  • Excellence

We understand the importance of quality in all aspects of our business and we work to achieve the highest level of excellence for our clients. We develop innovative solutions at good value. Innovative, quality ideas are what we strive to accomplish for our clients.

  • Stewardship

Social and environmental responsibility starts with us. Sameng actively looks for ways to be environmentally friendly in our work practices to help lessen our ecological footprint.

  • Integrity

As a company, quality is our foundation. We take pride in what we do and we are accountable for the products and services we provide to our clients. Our employees are pro-active to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible.

  • Positivity

We support a vibrant atmosphere and we approach all that we do positively. In this way we hope to promote a healthy work environment for both our staff and our clients. Sameng prefers to focus on solutions for the future rather than the problems of the past.