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Gordey Drainage Rehabilitation & Construction
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The Gordey Drainage Project is located in the Municipal District of Greenview No. 16 (MD), approximately 22 kilometers east of the Town of Valleyview. The purpose of the project was to mitigate flooding and erosion resulting from a series of small watercourses from a drainage basin with relatively steep slopes. The project drains into Sweathouse Creek, which is a tributary of the Little Smoky River.

In August 2007, the MD engaged Sameng Inc. to assess the Project and determine an optimum rehabilitation strategy.  The assessment was intended to develop a strategy that outlines the condition of the project, potential problems, and possible solutions with associated cost estimates. The scope of work included:

  • A physical assessment of the project;
  • Determining land use and ownership, and the status of easements;
  • Identifying any erosion concerns;
  • Identifying bridge file road crossings within the project limits;
  • Assessing the condition of road and field crossings, and drop structures;
  • Identifying options for rehabilitating, repairing, replacing or removing drainage channels.

Sameng Inc. completed the project assessment in the fall of 2007. Since then, Sameng was retained to continue the previous work and develop detailed designs of the conceptual assessment. The project has since proceeded to construction and has been completed as of fall of 2015. Key engineering features in this component of the project have included:

  • Site inspections and surveys;
  • Collaborative hydraulic modeling with the MD, Alberta Transportation, AENV and Sameng to determine the required design events;
  • Regulatory approvals through DFO, AENV, Transport Canada;
  • Production of detailed design drawings and specifications;
  • Preparation of the tender package and tender period advisory services;
  • Construction period services.

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