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Resource Development

Sameng provides environmental consulting and engineering service to clients pursuing the development and reclamation of aggregate and peat resources. Of note, Sameng provides the following services:

  • Development/Extraction Feasibility Studies: estimation of topsoil, subsoil and gravel/peat depth and quantity, determination of vegetation characteristics, collection of topographical information.
  • Resource Location and Assessment: prospecting, exploration, sampling and coring, environmental consulting, environmental impact assessments.
  • Development and Reclamation Plan: Development of comprehensive plans for sand and gravel extraction operations and reclamation designs that meet the government and local authorities’ requirements. Development of Annual Operating Plans.
  • Resource Development Application and Approvals: preparation of consistent, detailed and complete applications including environmental information, operations, available resources, conceptual reclamation plans, address and mitigation of site-specific environmental issues, provision of feedback on local regulations and proposed operations, provision of option to reduce security deposits by limiting the number of environmental liabilities during operations, preparation of reclamation certification application packages.
  • Extraction Period Support Services: estimation of stockpiled material quantities; weed surveys; GPS site surveys; water sampling, addressing drainage, erosion and sediment concerns.
  • Post-Reclamation Services: Monitoring to determine reclamation success; inspections as part of the reclamation certification process.

City of Edmonton

Kanata Gravel Operation

Barrhead County

Maykut Gravel Extraction

Strathcona County

Joburg Aggregates Gravel Operation